Submission Guidelines

The journal accepts manuscripts submitted electronically as a Word document to Two copies of the manuscript should be submitted: 1) a complete version accompanied by an abstract and keywords in English, information about the author, and a contact address; 2) an anonymous version identical to the complete version but without any information by which it is possible to identify the author. The editorial team reserves the right to make changes to ensure the anonymity of the text before the manuscript is submitted for peer review. Authors must include their full address, with an e-mail and telephone number, in the cover letter accompanying submission of the manuscript.

Submission guidelines for the publication of articles in English in Gender a výzkum / Gender and Research

The journal accepts and publishes Czech, Slovak, and English texts. The journal follows the spelling rules of British English. Foreign authors (with the exception of the Slovak Republic) can submit articles in English for all sections. In the case of authors who have a proficient command of written Czech or Slovak, the following rules apply when choosing a language:

1) For the journal´s regular non-thematic issues and special thematic issues that are compiled by a Czech or Slovak ad-hoc editorial team, authors having a proficient command of written Czech or Slovak can submit articles only in Czech or Slovak.

2) For the journal´s special thematic issues that are compiled by an international editorial team, authors having a proficient command of written Czech or Slovak may submit articles in English so that texts can be understood by the entire ad-hoc editorial team. The journal only provides basic language proofreading once articles have passed the peer review process; authors are expected to see to it themselves that their articles are edited in order for the latter to meet the standards of academic writing.

3) In the situation outlined in the previous clause, it may well happen that articles of authors who have a proficient command of written Czech or Slovak and that are included in the peer-reviewed article section get published bilingually (both in English and Czech/Slovak). The journal´s editorial board prefer this option, but cannot guarantee in advance the funds for the translation of received articles. The question of securing funds in these cases will always be discussed by the journal´s editorial board, the editorial team of the special issue and authors at the onset of preparations for each thematic issue.

Manuscript Format 

The complete manuscript consists of a text, an abstract in English (800–1200 characters with spaces), the title of the article in Czech and English, three keywords in English, and brief information about the author. Articles should be between 20 and 30 standard pages in length (1800 characters, including spaces, per page, not including literature, but including footnotes), book reviews should be no longer than 7 standard pages, and information and commentary approximately 5 standard pages.

If the article contains tables or figures they must form part of the same file as the main text, but they should also be submitted as separate files, one for each table or figure; figures and pictures must be black-and-white and submitted as source files. Type the titles of tables and figures in bold in Times New Roman 12-point font, and all other text in the tables and figures not bold in Times New Roman 10-point font (i.e. captions, legend, data sources). A source must be cited below every table and figure. Pictures should preferably be submitted as TIF files.

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