volume 15, number 2/2014: Gender and crisis


Guest editors: Alena Křížková and Lenka Formánková

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Beáta Nagy, Éva Fodor:
“An Ebbing Tide Lowers All Boats”: How the Great Recession of 2008 Affected Men and Women in Central and Eastern Europe [4-18]

Radka Dudová, Hana Hašková:
Caring Women’s Precarious Work in the Context of Economic Crisis [19-32]

Dorota Szelewa:
The second wave of anti-feminism? Post-crisis maternalist policies and the attack on the concept of gender in Poland [33-47]

Kateřina Kolářová:
(Mal)adjusted to the Crisis, Disabled for Citizenship? Disability and Race in Discourses of “the Crisis” [48-60]

Alena Křížková, Lenka Formánková:
Intersectional Perspective in the Analysis of the Impact of the Crisis on Life Courses in the CR: Gender, Class, Age (and Parenthood) [61-76]

Irena Lištiaková, Lucie Jarkovská:
Multi-Level Marketing: A Promising Employment Opportunity for Women? [77-86]

Marie Dlouhá, Nancy Jurik, Alena Křížková:
Gender Innovations in Small Entrepreneurship: Institutional Conditions and Management of Gender (In)equality in Copreneur Couples [87-100]


Ewa Rumińska-Zimny, Zuzana Uhde, Alena Křížková:
Mainstream Concept of Economics is a Barrier for Progress in Gender Equality. Zuzana Uhde and Alena Křížková Talk to Ewa Rumińska-Zimny [101-105]

Joan Tronto, Zuzana Uhde:
Care Should be at the Center of Human Life Instead of Economic Activity. Zuzana Uhde Talk to Joan Tronto [106-108]


Ľubica Kobová:
Against work Ethics. Review of Weeks, K. The Problem with Work [109-111]

Lenka Formánková:
Women, crisis and austerity. Review of Karamessini, M., Rubery, J. eds. Women and Austerity [112-114]

Radka Janebová:
The Prague School“ of Critical Theory Outlines a Vision of Future Social Research. Review of Hrubec, M. a kol. Kritická teorie společnosti. Český kontext [116-118]

Romana Volejníčková:
A New Perspective on Gender Politics in the Era of Socialism? Review of Havelková, H., Oates-Indruchová, L. eds. The Politics of Gender Culture under State Socialism [119-120]

Marie Dlouhá:
Way to the Top? Review of Fagan, C., González Menèndez, M. C., Gómez Ansón, S. eds. Women on Corporate Boards and in Top Management: European Trends and Policy [123-126]

Information and Comments

Blanka Nyklová:
Global Sociology Facing an Unequal World: Report from the XVIII World Congress of the International Sociological Association [109-111]

Marcela Linková, Marta Vohlídalová, Hana Tenglerová, Martina Fucimanová, Hana Víznerová, Kateřina Cidlinská:
Without Economic Sanctions Gender Equality in Higher Education and Science Won't Be Achieved [115-120]

Marie Dlouhá:
How to Approach Women in Business? Report from Diana International Research Conference 2014 [121-122]