Klára Janoušková, Lukáš Sedláček:
Other Motherhood [19]

« volume 6, number 1/2005: Rodičovství

Janoušková, Klára, Lukáš Sedláček. 2005. „Jiné mateřství.“ Gender, rovné příležitosti, výzkum 6 (1): 19-21

Abstract: The paper deals with the topical issue of families in which mothers do not take parental leave and instead fathers take care of their children. The paper is based on a set of qualitative interviews with five couples. Whereas mothers are perceived routinely as naturally child-rearing person in a couple who give up her labour activity, interviewed women decided to continue working while their partners stay at home and takes care of baby. These women experienced negative reactions of other mothers and society as a whole against them because they prefered their jobs and carriers to the family. Respondents regarded that their role of mother was weakened as well as their feminine identity. However fathers are positively perceived in the society, because they can maintain different social role from traditional breadwinner. As a result, it can cause some difficulties for these women who can experience better opportunities on the labour market but more inequalities in social relations.

Keywords: Parenthood, Reproduction strategies, Gender

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