Hana Šlechtová:
Is the Family Less or More? When the Society prohibits the required [8]

« volume 6, number 1/2005: Rodičovství

Šlechtová, Hana. 2005. „Je rodič víc nebo míň? Když společnost brání v tom, co vyžaduje.“ Gender, rovné příležitosti, výzkum 6 (1): 8-9

Abstract: The paper examines individualized society and the status of parents and children within it. In the individualized society each individual is defined as a “person” of his/her own and not as a member of a social group or a community. Modern concept of individual focuses on originality of each person. Contemporary society requires well socialized people to be able to respect the other individual persons. However, there is not total independency and people are dependent on each other. To be individual person, people need relationships with the others, especially with the significant others. If some of these close relationships have lower status, particularly relationship with children, it can decrease status of individuals in the society and cause severe problems for them. Hence they can hardly fulfill the multiple roles the modern individualized society requires. 

Keywords: Parenthood, Individualization, Social barriers

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