Lenka Zamykalová:
Grandmothers – Mothers? Discursive Construction of Motherhood through the Assisted Reproduction [35]

« volume 6, number 1/2005: Rodičovství

Zamykalová, Lenka. 2005. „Babičky-matky? Diskurzivní konstrukce mateřství skrze asistovanou .“ Gender, rovné příležitosti, výzkum 6 (1): 35-38

Abstract: Author examines the strategies used to set the borders and limits of assisted reproduction for postmenopausal women. In the Czech Republic women can undergo the assisted reproduction only till 48 years nowadays. There are two main images of postmenopausal women in the public space. The first one is negative and it treats these women like old grandmas who are not able to rear their child proprely because of their age. On the other hand women after menopause can be seen as more responsible and as having enough financial resources to devote all of their time to their children. The paper discusses the discursive strategies of doctors which are mostly based on biological and natural limits of women´s reproduction. These natural limits are significantly influenced by social norms and values, the lifestyle of women etc. The author points out that the limits of reproductive age are socialy shaped according to the social definition of legitimate form of the motherhood. 

Keywords: Assisted reproduction, Discourse of motherhood, Postmenopausal women

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