Lucie Kozlová, Nicola Tomanová:
Voluntary Motherhood without Partner [31]

« volume 6, number 1/2005: Rodičovství

Kozlová, Lucie, Nicola Tomanová. 2005. „Dobrovolné mateřství bez partnera.“ Gender, rovné příležitosti, výzkum 6 (1): 31-34

Abstract: In contemporary Czech society the changes of reproduction patterns take place. They are characterized by postponing the marriage and parenthood. So called informal partnerships or unmarried couples are becoming more frequent which also results in a growing number of births of extra-marital children. The number of women with children without partner is growing, too. Authors differentiate three types of them - widows, divorced women and women who voluntary want to have child without long-term partner. The third type of women is usually middle age, around 35 years old, they are successful in their jobs and they have enough financial resources to bring up child by themselves. The paper is based on pilot survey where 118 women took part. Respondents insist that woman can rear the child as good as both parents can do. However the specialists dispute this statement. According to psychologists children need both parents and the role of father cannot be easily substituted. Thus, the phenomenon of single parent family has to be considered within the complex set of conditions. 

Keywords: Motherhood, Children Psychology, Single parent families

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