Lenka Formánková, Alena Křížková :
Insecurities, Disadvantages, and Labour‑market Marginalisation as Reflected in the Biographic Narratives of Women with Low Education [23]

« volume 11, number 2/2010

Formánková, Lenka, Alena Křížková. 2010. „Odraz nejistot, znevýhodnění a marginalizace na trhu práce v biografických výpovědích žen s nízkým vzděláním.“ Gender, rovné příležitosti, výzkum 11 (2): 23-35

abstract: The paper addresses the problem of growing uncertainties in the Czech labour market over the past 20 years with regard to the specific conditions of unskilled women struggling to integrate their paid work and unpaid work. The economic uncertainties and growing levels of global competition in production increase pressure for a transformation and flexibilisation of workforce. Actors occupying marginalised positions in the labour market tend to have lower levels of social capital and lower levels of work experience and education. At the same time, these people, including mothers caring for young children, find it difficult to cope with the increasing pressure for productivity and flexibility. The socioeconomic marginalisation of unskilled mothers is further strengthened by measures of the state’s social policy. The analysis at hand is based on three biographic interviews on the work trajectories of women whose highest level of education is vocational or lower. A biographic approach makes it possible to analyse the impact of structural and institutional conditions and social and cultural processes on the work and life trajectories of respondents. Their testimonies reveal the mechanisms of gender discrimination, social exclusion and subordination that unskilled mothers have to face in their personal lives and careers, and the strategies and resources they employ in order to cope with their situation.

key words: unskilled women, gendered labour ‑market segregation, biographical research method

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