Lisa Irmen a Ute Linner:
Representing Masculine Generics: A Theoretical Integration of Empirical Findings [3]

« volume 11, number 2/2010

Linner, Lisa Irmen a Ute. 2010. „Reprezentace genericky maskulinních názvů osob. Teoretická integrace dosavadních poznatků.“ Gender, rovné příležitosti, výzkum 11 (2): 3-15

abstract: The paper aims to integrate the results of several studies on the representation of masculine generics in German into a theoretical framework. Although the results are consistent in showing the male bias of masculine generics, they are based on different experimental procedures and stimulus variations, and that makes the cognitive processes involved hard to compare. Assuming that reading results in the construction of situation models and that gender ‑related memory content is activated through a fast, undirected resonance process it is possible to determine a common cognitive basis. Possible causes of gender ‑related resonance are identified and their influence on situation models is discussed. The theoretical base allows the formulation of general statements on how gender ‑related information influences language processing. Furthermore, it has practical implications for how to implement a gender ‑fair language.
keywords: mental representation, grammatical gender, masculine generics

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