Katerina Kolárová :
The Discourse of Risk in HIV/AIDS Prevention [16]

« volume 10, number 1/2009

Kolárová, Katerina. 2009. „Diskurs rizika v prevenci AIDS/ HIV.“ Gender, rovné příležitosti, výzkum 10 (1): 16-24

Abstract:This text presents an analysis of the recent emphasis in HIV/AIDS prevention campaigns: the discursive constructions of HIV/AIDS as an issue of risk and its management. Specifically, the text discusses the prevention materials produced by state-funded institutions in the Czech Republic. The aim of the text is twofold: First, it analyses the specific discourse (and rationality) of risk that permeates HIV/AIDS prevention in relation to and as a part of modern biopolitics and (self-)governance. Second, the text examines the discourse of risk for its gendered implications and its re-inscription of gendered power inequalities. 
Keywords: HIV/AIDS, preventive politics, discourse of risk, sexuality, gender 

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