Hana Maříková :
Maternity, Family and Work in the View of Mothers with Young Children [45]

« volume 9, number 2/2008: Marginalizované skupiny žen (a mužů)

Maříková, Hana. 2008. „Mateřství, rodina a práce z pohledu matek malých dětí.“ Gender, rovné příležitosti, výzkum 9 (2): 45-54

Abstract: A structural look at the employment of women with young children shows that this group is marginalized in the labour market when it is unable or only with difficulty is able to find employment in the labour market, as the current labour market revolves around the principle of independent, fully flexible individuals unencumbered by any obligations outside work. What significance in their lives do these women ascribe to being mothers and what significance do they assign to work? How does the perception of the relationship between work and family influence how they define for themselves the combination of these two spheres of life? How does this group of women see their opportunities for finding work in the labour market? Answers to these questions were sought from an analysis of 29 semi-structured interviews carried out in 2006 with women on parental leave or women just returning to work from leave, who had taken a requalification course. Their view is the view from “below”, which is a legitimate one, but given that it mainly relates to their own experiences or the experiences of others in their social surroundings there may be limitations to it. The potential limitations in this view are pointed out in the article’s conclusion. 
Keywords: mothering, new risks on the labour market, parental leave, work/life balance

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