Iva Šmídová:
Men On the Margins: The Systematic Discrimination of Young Men with Low Education? [22]

« volume 9, number 2/2008: Marginalizované skupiny žen (a mužů)

Šmídová, Iva. 2008. „Muži na okraji: systémové znevýhodnění mladých mužů bez maturity?.“ Gender, rovné příležitosti, výzkum 9 (2): 22-27

Abstract: The text examines school failure and the underachievement of boys in the light of the wider context of gendered, un/equal opportunities in the education system and process. Recent findings from international research reports are raised in a discussion to confirm or refute theories of the marginalization of boys and young men. Based on relevant Czech statistical data, the article contributes to opening up Czech sociological debate on gendered educational and life courses. 
Keywords: underachieving boys, gender discrimination, education 

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