International conference “Transnational Migration: Borders and Global Justice”

Prague, May 30, 2018

Vila Lanna, V Sadech 1, Praha 6

organised by:

Petra Ezzeddine, PhD., Faculty of Humanities, Charles University

Zuzana Uhde, PhD., Institute of Sociology of the Czech Academy of Sciences

as part of the Research Programme “Global Conflict and Local Interactions” of the Strategy AV21


Migration processes are a paradigmatic example of the dialectical relationship between global conflicts and local contexts. Debates on the rights of migrants, who is entitled and how to cross the border, the contradictions between the territorially defined sovereignty of nation states and universal human rights, including social rights, within the context of global capitalism are an integral part of the reflection on global justice and the construction of borders. However, many migration studies reproduce the dominant political discourse, and so uncritically legitimise the current geopolitical order since research into the migration processes separates itself from research into the causes of migration–transnational conflicts, wars, global economic inequalities, etc.

Critical migration studies pose important challenges for mainstream social sciences; these have to do with overcoming disciplinary fragmentation and methodological nationalism as the dominant framework of research in social sciences, in which it is not possible to capture the complex social processes of the present era of globalisation. The forthcoming international conference aims to open up a space for transdisciplinary discussion of migration, particularly across anthropology, sociology, political and legal theories and/or philosophy, both as a theoretical problem and lived experience.

Confirmed key note speakers:

Nicholas De Genova

Ayse Caglar

Alex Sager

MariaCaterina La Barbera


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