Call for abstracts: Transnational migration: Borders, gender and global justice challenges

The journal Gender a výzkum / Gender and Research announces a call for abstracts for a special issue on Transnational migration: Borders, gender and global justice challenges, edited by Zuzana Uhde a Petra Ezzeddine.

Migration is a paradigmatic example of global interconnections of social interactions, in which processes and/or action in one part of the world influence conditions in geographically distant parts of the world. Research on migration significantly contributes to illuminating the current dynamics of global and local interactions as it concerns topical questions about construction and changes of borders of political community, geopolitical power and economic relations, human rights, structural inequalities, intercultural relations and institutionalisation of diverse forms of inequalities. Structures of gender inequalities operate across these areas and influence the lived experience of migration. The conception of the forthcoming special issue builds on critical migration studies that pose important challenges for the mainstream social sciences related to overcoming disciplinary fragmentation and methodological nationalism as the dominant frameworks of research in the social sciences. Moreover, we intend to integrate a feminist perspective into the research of transnational migration as it could fruitfully inform also research focusing on other topics. Feminist transnational migration studies are not limited to a descriptive account of the different gendered experience of women and men with migration: they go further and analyse the structural inequalities that are behind the everyday experience of migrants.

The forthcoming thematic issue aims to open up a space for transdisciplinary discussion of migration, particularly across social anthropology, sociology, political and legal theories and/or philosophy, both as a theoretical problem and lived experience. We invite papers that bring in a feminist perspective, which however does not need to be the main analytical thread. We welcome articles that focus on (but are not necessarily limited to) the following areas:

  • Transnationalism as a methodological perspective and reflection of methodological nationalism;  
  • Feminist transnational migration studies;
  • Migration policies, production of (il)legality, practices of surveillance and control, securitization, biopolitics of migration, political economy of waiting;
  • Borders, human rights, international migration regime and its contradictions;
  • Structures of gender inequalities, care and transnational social rights´ gap;
  • Global capitalism and mobility;  
  • Transnational migration and development;
  • Transnational armed, economic and religious conflicts and migration;
  • Transnational migration, precarity of labour, unions and transnational movements for protection of labour rights.

If you are interested in publishing a paper in the forthcoming thematic issue, please submit your abstract (max. 250 words) by 30 March 2018 to and to the addresses of the guest editors: and Write ‘migration’ in the subject line of your email. Articles may be submitted in Czech, Slovak or English (for-non-Czech/non-Slovak speakers). We will announce the decisions on accepted abstracts by the end of April 2018. The deadline for submitting full papers is 15 October 2018. Papers will then be peer-reviewed. We also welcome book reviews and conference reports and relevant news on the topic of transnational migration. The thematic issue is planned for publication in mid-2019.

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