Romana Marková Volejníčková:
Mateřská praxe v příbězích matek tří různých generací [105]

« ročník 19, číslo 1/2018

Volejníčková, Romana Marková. 2018. „Mateřská praxe v příbězích matek tří různých generací.“ Gender a výzkum / Gender and Research 19 (1): 105-129,

Abstract: Motherhood has always been one of the key topic of feminist thought and analysis. The aim of this article is to analyse what cultural, structural, or institutional conditions influence the realisation of motherhood practices in three selected generations of Czechs (from the 1950s to today) using biographical interviews. The analysis shows that these conditions are improving, and consequently mothers have more opportunities to expand their motherhood projects. Only in the narratives of today’s mothers are these conditions uncertain and vague. They are pressed to explain every decision they make in the motherhood project. Social structures determine how successfully they are able to justify their decisions.

Keywords: Motherhood, intergenerational analysis, biographical interviews, social constructivism

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