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Challenging Men and Masculinities: the Czech Context and Beyond

Guest editors Jeff Hearn, Iva Šmídová and Ivan Vodochodský are editing a special thematic issue of the journal Gender, rovné příležitosti, výzkum / Gender, Equal Opportunities, Research on men and masculinities.

We are glad to announce a thematic issue for the journal Gender, Equal Opportunities, Research Challenging Men and Masculinities: the Czech Context and Beyond. Research on men and masculinities, and associated debates and conceptualisations, has gradually increased in the Czech context. Despite the fragmentation of thematic research, often grounded in solitary research endeavours, the issue of men and masculinities has been established as a regular part of gender studies and sociology university curricula (at the Masaryk University, Brno since 1998) and in the guise of a formal political body. There certainly are several burning issues related to men and masculinities in the Czech context that call for broader explanations grounded in international research and conceptualisations. In this respect, the CROME network (Critical research on men and masculinities),[1] for example, has provided inspiration in searching for gaps as well as key themes on men and masculinities. On the national level in 2012, the Working group on Men and Gender Equality has been established as a consultant body to The Government Council of the Czech Republic for Equal Opportunities for Women and Men (Rada vlády České republiky pro rovné příležitosti žen a mužů).

Thus the proposed issue aims to gather articles addressing recent developments in the sub-field of social science using intersectional as well as interdisciplinary approaches and exploring relevant cultural contexts to provide better understanding of the status quo, processes, mechanisms and relations of and among men, masculinities, and their representations.

The themes and problems covered by the thematic journal issue might include but not be limited to the four profiles adopted by the Working group: analysis of fatherhood, violences, education, and health. We especially welcome submissions analysing the intersections of masculinities with minorities, generations, ethnicity, including their media representations from critical gender analytical perspectives. The proposed thematic issue is open for submissions critically exploring relations between power and powerlessness, visibility and invisibility, care and lack of care, varieties of masculinities and men´s practices, and gaps yet to be analytically covered by social science research in relation to men and masculinities that reach beyond the simplistic understanding of gender as a dualistic sex category. The submitted articles may deal with the Czech context but the editors encourage also submission of papers addressing recent developments in the theory and analysis relevant to other cultural or geo-political context.


If you are interested in publishing a paper, please send an abstract by 15 June 2014 to the editorial team (, and also the guest editors (,, The deadline for submitting papers is 31 October 2014. Papers will then be peer-reviewed. The articles may be submitted in Czech or English (for-non-Czech speakers). The journal also welcomes reviews and reports, especially reviews and reports relevant for the topic at hand. More information for authors can be found on the journal website: The thematic issue is planned for publication in mid-2015.


Jeff Hearn, Iva Šmídová and Ivan Vodochodský, guest editors


About the journal

Gender, rovné příležitosti, výzkum / Gender, Equal Opportunities, Research is a peer-reviewed transdisciplinary journal of gender studies and feminist theory. The journal publishes papers with a gender or feminist perspective in the fields of sociology, philosophy, political science, cultural studies, and other branches of the social sciences and humanities. The journal also publishes reviews of Czech and international literature on feminist theory and gender studies, discussions, interviews, and information on events in the academic field of gender studies. The editorial board supports work that represents a contribution to the development of transdisciplinary gender studies in the Czech Republic, taking into account the analytical contribution of manuscripts.


The journal is listed in the SCOPUS database, European Reference Index for the Humanities (ERIH), the Central European Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities, and in other databases. The journal (ISSN-print: 1213-0028, ISSN-online: 1805-7632, is published biannually by the Gender & Sociology Department of the Institute of Sociology, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.


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